Spell Polish Swatches from The “Charlie Loves Bella” Collection

May 11, 2015

Today I beg forgiveness for this long overdue post. I am hoping that the stunning polishes will make up for my absence and elusive nature of late. I was lucky enough to receive four polishes from American artisan brand Spell Polish‘s newest collection, the “Charlie Loves Bella” collection.

The whole idea of this collection is just beautiful, including the story behind it and the resulting lacquer’s. Charlie is Heather’s (the creator of Spell Polish) furry feline friend, and story has it that Charlie fell madly in love with a fluffy bunny named Bella. How cute!!

Onto the polishes then…



A muted, antique pale aqua chrome with delicate holo cast. The colour of this one is gorgeous. It wants to be a pastel, but it is rocking the chrome look hard, and oh, so well. The holo is delicate is certain lighting, but packs a punch in direct lighting.

My swatches show three thin coats and one coat of topcoat. I found it to appear a little streaky on application however don’t let yourself be discouraged because as soon as I top-coated it, the polishes even out beautifully. I really enjoyed this shade and it’s type of glowy nature.

spell-polish-radiant-rabbit-1 spell-polish-radiant-rabbit-2 spell-polish-radiant-rabbit-4 spell-polish-radiant-rabbit-5



Just wow! Kitty Slippers is a red-toned, watermelon colour with a cool pink chrome shimmer. It seriously looks amazing on. I found that my images have it appearing less bright than what it truly is, and the shimmer creates a fantastic duo chrome look. I love that sometimes I get the juicy watermelon colour, and at other times I see more of the warm red.

I only needed two thin coats and one coat of topcoat for my swatches.

spell-polish-kitty-slippers-4 spell-polish-kitty-slippers-1 spell-polish-kitty-slippers-3 spell-polish-kitty-slippers-5



Lovely Bunny is a sea-foam green coloured base with a gentle green-blue duochrome shimmer. The shimmer is beautiful and gives the polish a look of great depth, however it does appear a little streaky, such is often the nature of polishes with shimmer like this. It wasn’t as obvious in reality as my pictures seem though. The polish reminded me of a beautiful tropical ocean with it layers of shimmer and warmth of the green.

I applied three thin coats for my swatches and one coat of topcoat.

spell-polish-lovely-bunny-1 spell-polish-lovely-bunny-2 spell-polish-lovely-bunny-4 spell-polish-lovely-bunny-5



The Flaxen Fox is my favourite of the four polishes from Charlie Loves Bella Collection I’ve tried. A fairly bright coral pink with strong violet-pink shimmer. Again I’d like to point out that my images are a tad less saturated than the polish really is. I found it to be brighter on my nails. I love the shimmer in it, it gives it a lovely, fresh look.

I applied three thin coats for my swatches and one coat of topcoat.

spell-polish-flaxen-fox-1 spell-polish-flaxen-fox-3 spell-polish-flaxen-fox-4 spell-polish-flaxen-fox-5

I would like to note that all my images are taken in artificial light in a lightbox, sometimes with the light direct, sometimes indirect.

All four polishes applied beautifully. I think anyone who has tried Spell Polish would be well acquainted with their fabulous, long, soft brushes which make application a luxurious experience. I find them a breeze to apply and rarely if ever need to clean up. I always get excited about swatching this brand and highly recommend them. They are a high end artisan brand, and are worth every cent for quality and luxury.

If you would like to view the whole Charlie Loves Bella Collection, I recommend dropping into either Very Emily or The Polishing Life, where they have the whole collection on display.

These shades aren’t currently available at Spell Polish’s Australian stockist, Femme Fatale Cosmetics, however make sure to drop Femme Fatale a line to check when these shades might be arriving. The whole collection is available either in it’s entirety or separately from Spell Polish who do ship internationally from their site.

Are these polishes making you feel ready to ditch this cold weather we’re starting to feel in Australia?

Chris xx

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  • Gorgeous swatches Christine!! I adore The Flaxen Fox on you. And thank you for the link, you’re too sweet 🙂 <3